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Building a living Norrland based on visions and dreams. By ordinary people.


Contractor is one of Norrland’s largest construction companies.

Ever since our foundation in 1910, we have been driven by a strong belief, in the locations we operate in and the people who live there. With over 100 years of experience, we know that courage, curiosity and dedication are key factors in our continued development. We also believe in unleashing the potential of simplicity. Our flat organisational structure facilitates quick decisions and smooth collaborations.

We’re proud when our customers call us everyday heroes. We want to continue to be a positive force in Norrland, our home. The Group employs around 400 people in total, spread across eight companies and five locations. Our largest division is located in Skellefteå, where 200 employees work. But you can also find us in Umeå, Lycksele, Hemavan and Sundsvall.

We take on contracts and offer construction services regardless of material. We’ve found great ways of leveraging the flexibility of a small company with the resources of a large one.


Let the numbers tell the story.


closed projects every year.




years of experience.


million SEK in expected revenue 2019.


cities are we based at.

Our services

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide range of services. We are proud to have a strong team of over 400 people with a wide range of knowledge and skills. We have everything from groundworkers, machine operators, carpenters, roofers and fitters to accountants, skilled engineers and clerical workers. It is the team that makes us strong.


Contracts and construction services

Contractor fulfils contracts for all types of construction projects and in all forms of construction, from complete contracts to shared contracts. We have a wealth of experience in completing large and small industrial projects for customers all over Norrland. We also continuously provide construction services in close partnership with many companies and facilities in Norrland, such as Boliden and Rönnskär smelting plant, as well as with several of the larger property companies.


Land and construction

Through our specialised company, Contractor Mark ("mark" meaning "land"), the Group also has a strong offering in the field of land and construction. The company fulfils contracts in all different areas of groundwork. From excavation work and demolition to laying foundations and putting in water supply and sewage systems. All the way to surface work such as asphalting, paving and turfing.


Real property

The Group’s own property company owns properties in all the locations in which we operate. The reason for this is simple. We truly believe in Norrland and want to own the premises we need for our activities. We also want to be close to you as a customer and to rent out some of the properties, both existing and newly built depending on your requirements.

Some of our projects


When you pack up and go home, turn off the light and go to bed, are you satisfied with what you have done during the day? Did you make a difference? As an employee at Contractor, you do more than just work.

It actually feels really good to come home when you know that you have made a difference. A real difference. In Norrland. Because when you work with us, you have an impact on life here and now, and for generations to come. You develop the place where you live. You become part of a strong team and work side-by-side with some of Norrland’s most committed and talented employees. You can belong, develop and feel important. You can point out things that you actually built. And then, suddenly, the week becomes more than just the run-up to the weekend.

We at Contractor are building a living Norrland. Would you like to join us?

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